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Are you a nonprofit or social entrepreneur that needs a photographer to share your story with the world? I partner with organizations and companies by providing photos with impact that will raise awareness for their cause.

 Modena, Italy

Modena, Italy

I have successfully partnered with nonprofits to photograph cities, countries, cultural elements, people groups and other locals worldwide to help share their stories and bring awareness to their projects, resulting in an increased awareness and funding to help those working directly with the projects on the ground.

Are you a social entrepreneur that has a story to share with the world to bring awareness and help others? Not sure what I’m talking about? Think about TOMS, a company that provides a pair of shoes to a child in need worldwide for each pair of shoes a customer purchases. They have a story to share and a good cause to help. They need help in sharing that story through photos, not just words. “A picture is worth a thousand words” in a true application of this.

Each company has a story and can make a difference. Who is helping you document that difference? Who is helping you share your story and the stories of the others that you are helping? I would like to be the person to help you. I have a heart in sharing stories, whether of people or places. There is always something to learn, share and beautiful to see, no matter where you are at.