My Series of Cameras by Brea Persing


I don’t even remember when I picked up my first camera. I just know I was really young. I was one of those kids that begged their parents to buy the disposable cameras when going on a trip, and not just one, MULTIPLE! I can’t even tell you how many I have gone through in my lifetime. Yes, I grew up on film cameras. I don’t quite remember when it was, but my parents got me (or the family maybe, but I used it they most) a small, film, point and shoot camera. I had so much fun with that thing.

After that, I think when I was in middle school, they bought a more “professional” film camera, a Minolta Maxxum 650si. It’s still in their closet actually! I had so much fun with it too. And I’m sure I spent hundreds of dollars having film processed. I remember when you had to go in to have film processed and it took a few days at the store. Then it revolutionized to 1-hr development! Then, I was introduced to the dark room in college. Oh the dark room…amazing!

Digital cameras started hitting store shelves during my youth, but they were expensive! For Christmas one year, my parents bought me a small Canon Powershot camera, I think it was in preparation for a trip I was taking. I loved that thing and took it with me everywhere. I’m sure I’ve lost the photos over the years though, as I didn’t have my own computer. In that time, I think the photos were so small we just kept them stores on the disk inside. Anyway. I remember that one clunking out at some point, but I liked it, so I bought an upgraded Canon Powershot, which I took with me on my first trip to Italy in 2006. I remember I had portrait photos taken of me in high school and the photographer had a Canon 20d, I knew that was the camera I wanted to have for myself someday. I think Canon was already in my blood at that point. And, I didn’t know anyone with a Nikon! 

It was December 2007 that I bought my first “real” camera. I still kept my Canon Powershot with me in my purse, but I wanted something that would take even better looking photos. You have to remember, this was before you could take good photos with your phone. I bought a Canon 30d. I was so excited! I loved the little dial on the back that it had, which I remembered from the other photographer years earlier. I had so much fun with that camera. I knew nothing about lenses at the time either, but I stuck with what came in the package I bought.

I started taking even more photos than before. I had friends asking me to take photos of them, an engagement session, the second photographer for a wedding, photos of a band, and so much more. Then I moved overseas. I continued to take photos, but not as frequently. Life happened and I had less and less time to take photos, plus the camera seemed so big to me, so I decided to sell it to a friend. I later regretted that!

In 2014 I bought a Canon t4i, a downgrade from the previous camera that was a full sensor to a crop sensor. I liked that it was smaller and lighter weight. But I could definitely tell the difference in quality. It was during that time I learned more about lenses and what to look for in them. I hadn’t done that much research before buying the camera package that I bought, but I did so afterwards. With the research, I bought a new lens, that was in my price range, that was way better than the kit lens, and I was grateful I liked doing research and reading reviews.

From there, in 2017, I wanted to upgrade my equipment again as I was doing a lot more photography at the time and my load would only increase with the job I was doing. So I sold my Canon t4i and lenses to a budding photographer taking a digital photography class and I purchased, after MUCH research, a Canon 6d. I LOVE this camera! It’s the younger sibling of the Canon 5d. This time I just purchased the body and then the lenses separately. I bought the Canon 24-105 mm f/4L IS II USM lens and then later the 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens. I have since also purchased a Canon Speedlite 430 EX II Flash to add to my equipment.

Not just camera equipment, but the accessories you use with your gear is important. Before, I used the straps that came with the camera. I’ll never do that again. I discovered Peak Design in 2017 and will never go back. I have their straps and some bags, and am looking at getting more…especially since they continue to expand. 

Next on my purchase list, a really good and versatile tripod (I’m looking at a new company called the Colorado Tripod Company) and a travel bag for all my equipment (from Peak Design of course!)

It’s been a progress in equipment and skill. I think I’ll keep these for a while though! I’ve grown as a person and a photographer through the years, the equipment are just tools, and I have appreciated the journey they have taken me on. 

*This post is NOT sponsored by Peak Design or Colorado Tripod Company, I’m just an avid lover of their products and gear!