Nonprofit Marketing by Brea Persing


I hear it lot, “we just don’t have it in our budget to hire a photographer.” I understand, I do. Many nonprofits do not have a lot of “extra” funding. But just like in business, marketing is very important. People can't buy products if they don’t know there are products to buy. You have to spend money to make money. It’s an investment. Not a short-term one, but a long-term one. Marketing, paired with good design and photography, should be a HIGH priority. Let me tell you why. Good design and photography tells your current and potential donors that you are serious, professional and care about your image and cause. It tells people that you are serious about telling your story in a way that is impactful. It’s an investment and a very wise one.

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? People process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. In an instant, the right image can create lasting emotional impact. Pictures create change—taking a person from being a passive viewer to an active donor, client or customer.

Don’t believe me? Last year I partnered with a nonprofit, who will remain nameless because of security, where I took photos of their project and gave their website a makeover. We marked the progress of giving over the year and their profits increased by $47,000! That was a 20% increase! That is a sizable increase! It also means more people sharing the vision and cause of that nonprofit with others, giving them even more opportunity to gain additional funding.

This organization invested in a better, more visual way to share their story, and it made a difference!

What would your organization be able to do with a 20% increase in funding?

Want some more to read on this subject, here is a great article from NGO Storytelling: Why Your Nonprofit Should Care About Visual Storytelling.