My Journey

A Big Win by Brea Persing


I was shoveling river rock the other day for a landscaping project. For most people, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but for me, it was a HUGE win.

I shoveled, with an actual shovel, for about an hour and a half with minimal soreness the next day. Let me tell you why this was such a big deal, because I almost died three years ago because I was so sick. In December of 2016, I was in organ failure and, up to that point, the doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on. I found an amazing integrative doctor that specialized in internal medicine and she figured it out right away. I won’t go into details now, but will in a later post. Let’s just say even with treatment, they weren’t sure if I was going to make it. But I’m a FIGHTER and I knew I would!

So a year into healing, I had more energy and was doing better, but I still had to be careful with how much energy I used up in a day. If I would have tried to shovel river rock nearly two years ago, I would have been in bed, not able to get out of it for about a week. My body just couldn’t handle that sort of thing. Even a year ago I would have had a hard time. Even though I had been doing better over all, some things came up and I went downhill again. Plus I was dealing with rotator cuff injuries in BOTH shoulders!

Looking at it this way…if someone had asked me to do this two years ago, I would have lasted five minutes, carrying very minimal stones, and then handed the shovel back and climbed on then couch to rest. If someone had asked me to do it a year ago, rotator cuff injuries aside, I would have lasted about thirty or so minutes but then not able to function much the next day or two. However now, I lasted an hour and a half lifting big shovel fulls of rock and carrying them to their place! Again, minimal soreness the next day and I was able to function just fine.

I am so happy with how far I have come. There is still healing that is taking place in my body, but nearly three years later, I am no longer just trying to survive, but I am getting stronger each day!

Thank you Lord for saving my life, thank you to my team of medical professionals that I had and have all around the US, literally in four different states, and to all of the people that have supported, prayed for and loved me on this journey of healing…not just physically, but in so many other areas of my life.

The Superhero Pose + Yoga by Brea Persing


I read a statement in a little book of sayings and advice a while ago that said to strike a superhero pose before an interview or something big. A superhero post is where your chin is up, chest is out, hands are on your hips and your legs are hip length apart on the ground. We’ve seen that pose hit multiple times in movies and TV shoes like “The Incredibles” and, according to others, “Grey’s Anatomy”. Harvard even did a study about it! Ok, so it may look silly, but it helps you feel more powerful and more confident in yourself. I can attribute…it works. 

Well, initially I was doing it for big things like a big meeting, interview, etc., however I decided to add it into my daily yoga practice. I really like yoga as it helps me stay stretched out, helps my back, helps with strength and balance and it also helps keep me calm and relieve stress. It wasn’t hard to add the superhero post into my daily practice, though I don’t hold it for 5 minutes like some say to do. I do, however smile when I do it. Smiling every morning helps put or keep me in a better mood, helps me to be happy with where I am at, and reminds me that my body, curves and all, were made by God and to be embraced and celebrated. Doing the superhero pose daily reminds me that I am a strong woman and can approach the day with confidence.

Talking about strength…doesn’t the above yoga photo just emit strength?! I have a friend who started a yoga business, Yoga for Athletic Performance, and she asked me to take photos of her that she could use in marketing. We had such a great time! Here are some of my favorite shots.


Yoga may not be for everyone, and I understand that, but I promise, if you start striking the superhero pose daily for a minute to two minutes, it will change how you view yourself and the world! Go ahead…try it…I dare you! :) 


Getting Back on Track by Brea Persing


Life is messy. It just is. We all have dreams, hopes and goals and some of us are doing what we can go reach them. But many times in the middle of it, life gets really messier and we vier off track. Sometimes getting off track is good and helps us to see things in a different way. Other times it serves to give us a breath of fresh air and to notice our surroundings more. In other cases, it’s just a distraction and a pot hole in the road we’re headed on.

It happens…to everyone. The key is not beating ourselves us, to place guilt or shame on ourselves, but to get back on track when we can. We may not be able to jump back in where we were, but at least we’re farther along than we had been when we first started. Don’t let it frustrate you, don’t let it get you down, but get back up and keep walking forward.

I had gotten off track in a few areas of my life and business, my consistency has lacked, but I am getting back on track and choosing to walk forward one step at a time and to learn from the setback rather than shift the blame. Life happens. The question is, what are you going to do when it gets messier? Because I promise,