The Superhero Pose + Yoga / by Brea Persing


I read a statement in a little book of sayings and advice a while ago that said to strike a superhero pose before an interview or something big. A superhero post is where your chin is up, chest is out, hands are on your hips and your legs are hip length apart on the ground. We’ve seen that pose hit multiple times in movies and TV shoes like “The Incredibles” and, according to others, “Grey’s Anatomy”. Harvard even did a study about it! Ok, so it may look silly, but it helps you feel more powerful and more confident in yourself. I can attribute…it works. 

Well, initially I was doing it for big things like a big meeting, interview, etc., however I decided to add it into my daily yoga practice. I really like yoga as it helps me stay stretched out, helps my back, helps with strength and balance and it also helps keep me calm and relieve stress. It wasn’t hard to add the superhero post into my daily practice, though I don’t hold it for 5 minutes like some say to do. I do, however smile when I do it. Smiling every morning helps put or keep me in a better mood, helps me to be happy with where I am at, and reminds me that my body, curves and all, were made by God and to be embraced and celebrated. Doing the superhero pose daily reminds me that I am a strong woman and can approach the day with confidence.

Talking about strength…doesn’t the above yoga photo just emit strength?! I have a friend who started a yoga business, Yoga for Athletic Performance, and she asked me to take photos of her that she could use in marketing. We had such a great time! Here are some of my favorite shots.


Yoga may not be for everyone, and I understand that, but I promise, if you start striking the superhero pose daily for a minute to two minutes, it will change how you view yourself and the world! Go ahead…try it…I dare you! :)