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I am a photographer and graphic designer telling impactful visual stories for people worldwide. I help bring awareness and increased funding for nonprofits/NGOs and humanitarian aid organizations so they can help more people. I partner with social entrepreneurs so their consumers can understand how they are helping others using sustainable materials and business practices. I capture the stories and beautiful moments of those I travel with so they can enjoy their travels rather than miss it by being behind the camera for most of it.

© 2019 Beauty for Ashes Photography

© 2019 Beauty for Ashes Photography

My passion and skills for photojournalism grew while I worked for a nonprofit in Italy and Spain. I traveled in and out of North Africa, Asia and Europe helping Avant share the stories of different projects and people groups that were featured in multiple facets online and in print over a ten-year span.

I honed in on how to develop a complete story while partnering with a social entrepreneur in Asia as the team taught ethical and sustainable business practices to locals. We went to a recently purchased farm where the owner had just received a great price on trees and was preparing the field for planting. Because of the location of the farm and the desire to eventually expand, the owner focused on hiring people in the area who had been displaced from their homes. Though these men and women were not farmers, he taught them about sustainable farming, how to run a business and have a good work culture while providing income for their families living in a new place. The day we planted trees, I photographed for awhile, and then stepped in to get my hands dirty and help the workers plant trees. It was a great experience that built trust and comradery. I was told later they had never experienced someone come to observe a project and actually help rather than just sit back and watch. It gave them a new outlook of westerners and the type of people they were working for.

Being a visual storyteller of people’s lives, cultures, people groups, projects and injustices in order to share their stories is where my heartbeat is. I love capturing beautiful moments in people’s every day lives that make their stories special. I capture details that might go unnoticed and document the candid shots that embody how it felt to be there in that moment. I showcase what makes different cultures unique by highlighting the beauty of the culture of each country.

Every person and place has a story. The question is, are you able to capture it in the most engaging way?

I CAN! So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to see how I can help you share your story?!

I am based in northern Indiana and taking work worldwide.


countries visited

Countries I’ve visited outside of the airport, because let’s face it, if you don’t go outside the airport, it doesn’t count as a country visited.  26 countries visited, MANY more to visit!

27 countries visited and counting! These are countries I’ve visited outside of the airport, because let’s face it, if you don’t go outside the airport, it doesn’t count as a country visited. The countries in bold are ones where I have spent one month or more at a time.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic







“Brea is a go-getter who expresses her creativity in everything she touches. I’ve always enjoyed looking at her projects and photos, especially of her travels. She’s able to draw you in and tell a story about the culture you’re now visiting with her. Her passion is displayed in every shot! I’ve appreciated every photo I have from her of our travels.” Laurie R.

“I’ve traveled with Brea and enjoyed the pictures she takes of our trips. She has an artistic eye and is great at capturing a moment in time and making it a vivid memory as we look back through the pictures.” Shelley A.

Brea is a highly motivated, professional individual with a keen eye for details. Delightful, direct and honest with communication. Delicate, considerate and even whimsical with her skills. I highly recommend her for any project you might have!!” Jen F.

Brea is a very talented, creative and authentic photographer. She knows how to capture the moment and translate [it] into memories. She is trustworthy and conscientious.” Rick P.